On Turning 70

Today I turn 70 years of age.  How did that happen?  I always expected to depart this earth in my 50’s.  The universe had other plans, I guess.  Not having been one to obsess over milestone ages, I now find myself doing some of that.  Turning 40 was a bit of a hiccup: I got bifocals, finished my Ph.D., and turned 40 in the same week!  All of the other typical milestones passed as any other day. 

Seventy is different, somehow.  Seventy marks a new beginning in many ways.  A new chapter.  A chapter filled with possibilities if we take advantage of it.  A chapter yet to be written.

It is my intention through this blog to explore those possibilities, to share my thoughts on becoming 70 and beyond, and to invite comment from others on their journey through the ages.  I find myself energized by possibility, not brought down by aging.  Having nothing to prove to anyone, and not having to impress anyone, I am freed from the self-imposed constraints of youth and may thus explore my thoughts and feelings, and those of others, at will.

Please feel free to add your comments, suggestions, thoughts and dreams to mine.  I intend for this blog to be interactive as much as possible.  It will be a work in progress as I figure out how to design it and personalize it. 

Much of the blog content will stem from my daily journal; other content will come from my readings on aging and how others are managing the aging process.

I look forward to your comments!

David R. Updegraff

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  1. Many happy returns, David, and have fun with the blog. I’ll be tuned in, as you blaze the trail for us youngsters.

    • Thanks, Howdy! Feel free to comment from your youthful perspective!

  2. David,
    Congratulations on your birthday…milestone that it is ( or isn’t:-).
    As someone looking to start blogging myself about some life changes, I’ll look forward to reading yours as we go along.

    • Thanks, Diana! Please share your blog when you get started as well.


  3. Love your new blog. Glad someone is doing this. I have ideas of such a thing but don’t think it will happen for me. You write so well! We’ll have fun commenting.

    • Thanks, Suz. Enjoy!


  4. Happy, Happy Birthday. “Oh the places you’ll go” Dr. Seuss. Congrats on your blog. Given that we can in reality live to be 120- you’re just starting out.


    • Hi, Colleen and many thanks! I appreciated our conversation last week. Don’t hesitate to call if I can be of any help to you, and I’ll do the same if another conversation will propel me further.

      See you Tuesday in Casa Grande!


  5. Hippy happy hoppy bthisdy! Glad to hear that I have so much to look forward to, o Trailblazer that you are!

    • Hi Elena: Yes, 70 IS the new 50, and Susan and I are living proof! All it takes is hanging in there. Hope your cold is on the mend, and have a good start to the school year!

  6. Congratulations and WELCOME to “The Far Side” of the proverbial “Hill” May your eyesight remain clear, your judgement reasonabley unclouded and your physical deterioration slowed to a “crawl”


    • Hi, Rog: Thanks for the good wishes. We’ll keep going as long as we can. Key to that is keeping both the body and the mind active and engaged, as you know!

  7. Have a great birthday.I am looking forward to your observations and introspection.Godspeed!

    • Hi, Jose: Many thanks for the comment! We are going to dinner with the Jones’ this evening to Agave at the casino. Prime rib night! We’ll tell then we are now connected with you as well!

  8. Happy Birthday, David! Looking forward to seeing all the fun stuff you think up to share with your bloggers.

    • Thanks, Priss. Feel free to comment as you see something interesting!


  9. Happy Birthday, David! I enjoyed reading your comments and will follow your blog. Very busy with company now, will share some of my thoughts soon, as I’ve now been in my 70s for 5 years! – Sara

    • Thanks, Sara. I’ll look forward to seeing your comments, and hope you will feel free to comment freely.


  10. Great start David. Hope we’ll all be around to read your comments on turning 80.

    • Thanks, Dick. We’ll all hope for that…it’s the objective, of course.


  11. Go For Broke!

    • Will do, George! Thanks.

  12. Hey David..Happy Birthday. Came across your blog and decided to say Consgratulations and thamks for everything you have done for PCOA. Miss seeing all of you. Esther Tang says says she has you beat by 22 years, but she’s slowing down a little!

    • Hi Connie: Thanks for your very nice comment. I enjoy working on behalf of PCOA, and must say that we miss you on the board! Your cogent comments and questions were always welcome. Say Hello to Esther Tang for me as well!


  13. Happy Birthday David

    How fun to announce that you are 7 decades by launching a blog. Way to embrace technology and aging at the same time. Inquiry and creativity are qualities that keep us excited about life at any age.

    Beautifully designed blog, well written first posting.

    • Hi Lynn: Thanks for your comments. I appreciate your noticing the connection between aging and technology…it’s why I decided to do the blog. Have a great time at Kripalu and will see you upon your return.


  14. “Yo, David, my man!”

    Who would have EVER thought you were nearing 70? And, now, that milestone has been reached, and I must say…

    “You wear it well!”

    Vital, strong, brilliant…you’re everything I want to be at that age.


    Sending you much love!


    • Hi Kim: Wow! What great comments. I appreciate your thoughts very much. If we don’t take charge of ourselves and our own aging process, it will rule us. I never liked being ruled! I’ll be sending you my stuff for TCA tomorrow, I suspect.

      Off to Casa Grande for the Lisa Sasevich workshop!


  15. David,

    Inspiring people with your thoughts on this milestone in your life is a mighty cool thing. During the brief time that I have known you it has been quite obvious to me that you are a talented life coach who has a wealth of experience to draw upon.

    I’ll be linking people to your blog because I know you’ll be an interesting blogger to follow.


    Michael Sicurello

    • Thanks, Michael. I may be asking for some design assistance. I haven’t really had time yet to do much design work on this, like adding pictures, other pages, and the like. I plan to work on it this weekend some, and may have a specific question or two for you.


  16. David
    You are inspiring to many of us Boomers! To think at age 52 I am just beginning. I retired from Air Force 9 years ago and I just now think I found someting that I can wrap my arms around and embrace. After gaining alot of weight since retiring I found myself not being able to enjoy my grandkids like I would like to, my wife and I both decided it was time to not only lose the additional pounds but to get into good enough shape to take advantage of being able to spend quality time with the grandkids. Looking forward to see what you have to say. Happy belated and best wishes.

    • Hi Steve:

      Many thanks for your very interesting comments. I did read about your background before responding to your invitation yesterday. My wife and I are also in the process of shedding some extra pounds to help ensure a long and more comfortable life. Stay tuned, and see where we go with this blog. Feel free to comment as anything I write may touch your journey as well.


  17. Hi David – just turned 70 in July 2011, Find myself writing my “bucket list” and am getting so fustrated, and angry, as I feel time is running out to get all my “stuff” I want to do, done…..any advise..June

    • Hi June,

      Glad to hear from you. Sorry I haven’t responded sooner; I haven’t paid as much attention to the blog as I initially intended. Too busy, I guess.

      I just turned 72 last month, and continue an active, engaged life. I just finished acting in a lead role in a play titled “Elevator,” about the experiences of six persons trapped in an elevator in the World Trade Center on 9/11. Very engaging and involving activity!

      I am working two “jobs” part-time. One is in my own small part time business as a career and retirement coach. I primarily work with mid to late career professionals who have been laid off from a career position and are seeking a new opportunity; I have also coached retirees who aren’t sure what to do next! My second job is as “part-time temporary” CEO of a for profit startup company providing home care services to vulnerable persons, under a state-sponsored Medicaid type program. I enjoy and am stimulated by both. In my second job, I mostly am concerned with finance, marketing and development, new business development and labor negotiations. That takes up about ten hours a week; the coaching takes up about five.

      For leisure time, I read a lot, write some, watch a bit of TV, love going to movies with my wife, sing barbershop harmony, and just generally have a good time.

      Life is full and engaging at 72. Luckily, being a cancer survivor, I have my health, and a strong 46 year marriage to sustain me.

      Best regards, and don’t hesitate to contact me again if you wish to talk or to chat online.


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